LinkedIn- What is it and why is it valuable to you?

Do you have a job?

Do you want a job?

Let me rephrase that last question, do you need a job?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions it’s time for you to join LinkedIn. With over 280 million users, LinkedIn has proven relevant to your professional life. Here are a few stats to help present the scope of LinkedIn’s reach and success.

 A new LinkedIn account is created every 2 seconds.

LinkedIn’s user goal is 3 billion.

40% of users check LinkedIn daily.

 LinkedIn is a social media service that acts as a professional Facebook. Users can upload a profile picture, make connections with other professionals, post statuses, and keep up with what other industry leaders are talking about.

I am a personal fan of LinkedIn, and I have taken it upon myself to investigate the ins and outs of the LinkedIn profile. Here are 3 tools that LinkedIn offers its users that are game-changing.

Online Resume

LinkedIn is putting the age-old argument of linen paper versus cardstock for your resume to rest. Although, in my personal opinion crème colored linen is the only way to go. However, LinkedIn has taken the hassle out of printing that physical resume. A LinkedIn profile acts as a living and breathing resume. LinkedIn boasts and projects that they will replace the physical resume entirely in five years.

Users have the opportunity to create a digital resume that is not limited to length. In addition, colleagues and supervisors can write letters of recommendation that live on the user’s profile. “Endorsements” are another feature that enables users to advocate a user’s skill set.

Job Hunt

If you are in the job market, LinkedIn can help. The professional network also acts as an online job board that allows you to search by location and industry. LinkedIn is also a two-way street. It allows a user to be found rather than the individual doing all the finding. Recruiters can search for key words of individuals in certain locations and industries. Let your LinkedIn profile work for you.

Hub of Information

I have found LinkedIn to be a highly valuable resource during interview preparation. This is a great space to find information on people and organizations. I use LinkedIn to educate myself on the company that I am applying for, as well as the person conducting the interview.

Information on LinkedIn can also be valuable when developing your own personal resume or cover letter. When applying for a position, I always LinkedIn search the resume of a successful individual in that role. I compare experiences and the language they are using on their personal resume.


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