Success Stories


Today, I spent a couple of hours looking at LinkedIn profiles of other users. I did not just look at profiles of the average users, but individuals I thought to be successful. I looked C suite users of fortune 500 companies, as well as professors. I did this to get a better idea of how I want to model my own LinkedIn profile during this revamping stage I am in. Sometimes I feel we best learn from observing others. Below is a few screenshots of sections of well-done LinkedIn profiles.


The above screenshot is from the profile of a recruiter whom I personally know. I thought it would be interesting to see what a recruiter’s LinkedIn page would look like, since I am trying to win the approval of recruiters everywhere.

I just recently learned that LinkedIn has provided a “Publications” heading that can be added to your profile. As you can see this user has added articles and publications she has either written on contributed to. This would be the ideal place to add a link to your professional blog or an article that you have written.


Above is the screenshot of internship descriptions that were done very well by a young woman. I think the lack excessive bulleting makes for a clean look. She did a very good job at summarizing her experience and duties into a short paragraph. Remember, recruiters spend approximately 5 seconds looking at a resume. The more concise, but still explains adequately, the better.


I love the cleanliness of the above screenshot. This user has added an appropriate amount of awards and honors that look nice and represents her well. This has made me realize that I need to rack my brain of what awards and honors I have received, so I can add them to my LinkedIn profile.


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