What Recruiters Want to See on Your LinkedIn

As a soon to be college grad, wouldn’t it be so nice to know exactly what recruiters are looking for? Well, look no further. I have compiled a list of things recruiters want to see on your LinkedIn profile.

Tip: Before you start doing major construction on your LinkedIn profile, it would be helpful to change your visibility settings. Before revamping, deselect “let people know when you change your profile” under privacy settings. This will keep connections from seeing all the back and forth changes that are to occur. Just make sure you turn the setting back on when you have completed.

1. Creativity

  • Recruiters have made a career out of reviewing other people’s resumes. They have seen thousands. In order to make your resume stand out to land that job, you must be different.

2. Proof of Your Work

  • It’s not because they do not believe you have done the work, but they want to see how talented you really are. Because LinkedIn is not constrained by length, you can add links to your work- and you should! This can mean presentations, an article you have written, or research you have conducted. Recruiters should have access to all of your awesome work, and LinkedIn makes that possible.

3. Keywords

  • Not because there are a list of words that resonate in a recruiter’s head (even though there are), because certain words bring your to the top of the recruiter’s applicant list. LinkedIn and other software have taken some of the work out of finding the perfect candidate for recruiters. When a HR person is trying to fill a position there are certain keywords that an ideal candidate would have on their profile. LinkedIn’s premium recruiter package searches for those secret words and brings candidates who have included those words to the top of the list. For example, key words I use are “persuaded,” “increased,” and “strengthened.”

4. Maximize Engagement

  • Make posts and share industry related content regularly (biweekly). If sometimes you don’t have the time to craft the perfect post about what’s currently happening in your industry, that’s fine. Share articles that would be relevant and interesting to the desired target market, like the recruiter of the company whose attention you are desperately trying to win.

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